Thursday, 8 April 2021

Happy Diversity Day

Many children and teachers dressed up for Diversity Day. We have just had a warm and fuzzy time where a Whanau Harakeke class had a buddy reading time with a Whanau Pohutukawa class. I loved seeing their kind and gentle interactions, as they dove into books together, in clothes from New Zealand and around the world.

Here are some books on display for Diversity Day:

ANZAC Day resources

Here are some ANZAC books on display. I have also just covered "This is Where I Stand" by Phillipa Werry and added it to the display. Teachers are borrowing these books to share in class before ANZAC Day. Lest we forget.


Thursday, 25 March 2021

Book news

Check out some of the new Non Fiction books I have recently processed for the library:

On the shelf: I have completed processing the books bought using the remainder of the rewards from last year's Scholastic book fair, selected from Issue 1 of the Lucky book club. 
I'm currently getting Issue 2's books ready for you.

Last night I attended a book buzz at Dorothy Butler Children's Book Shop:

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to publishing guru, Melanie-Laville Moore from Allen & Unwin, and Joanna Grochowicz, author of "Into the White" and "Amundsen's Way". These books are definitely on my To Be Read pile so that I can review them for you.

I took advantage of a book buzz discount and bought some beautiful books for the school library, which I can't wait to process for you.

Hope you have a safe and happy weekend.

Thursday, 18 March 2021

Nadia Lim's Marvellous Marvin - book review

This is a delightful story about a hand reared chicken. His name is Marvin and he is marvellous. He wins the hearts of the family, sitting on shoulders, sleeping on a hot water bottle, pulling up worms and doing regular chicken things. 

Marvellous Marvin is inspired by a true story about a chicken, hatched by Nadia Lim in a freezing cold winter. There are photographs of the family and the little chick in the front and back of the book, and a word about the real Marvin.

The illustrator, Fifi Colston has captured the adorable chick's antics in fabulous Fifi style! I imagine her making 3D models to paint from, or photographing Marvin in different poses, to get the pics just right.

Marvin reminds me of a chicken called Perky that I raised. Here's my story. When I was a kid, around ten, a friend of the family arrived with a little chicken that he had found in a puddle of oil on his farm. He couldn't find the mother hen, and asked if we wanted to raise it. I named her Perky, and she slept on my pillow the first night. I kept her warm, fed her with a dropper, comforted her and raised her. She lived inside the house for a while! When she became a mother, she was different to the other hens in our garden. Instead of roosting on the ground, she insisted her teenage chicks follow her up into a tree to roost at night - which involved much squawking and faffing! So, having had a similar bond with a chicken, I could totally relate to Marvellous Marvin

PS - There is an "Eg-cellent Fluffy Saturday Pancakes Recipe" in the book!

By Kate

Monday, 15 March 2021

Joe & the Stars - Book Review

"In the red dust, where the sky is wide, Joe loves watching the stars. He marvels at their mystery and wonder. But when his family moves to the city... the stars are hard to see. Will Joe find a way to make them shine again? A twinkling tale of resilience, family and friendship."  (Publisher)

I seem to be reading a few books about moving house lately. I'm currently listening to the audiobook of The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street, and reading The Wishing Spell, which both start out with the painful prospect of a house move.

Joe & the Stars captures the world changing upheaval of a move to a dramatically different environment. They shift from what looks like the Australian outback, to a concrete jungle. Here, he can't climb a tree and enjoy looking at the constellations, listening to the tinkling of a windchime. Joe has lost his starry skies, however, through creativity and friendship he finds a new sparkle in his life.

This book is currently being covered and will be available soon!


Thursday, 11 March 2021

I talk like a river - Book Review

I talk like a river, written by Jordan Scott and illustrated by Sydney Smith is the story of a boy with a stutter, who wakes up in the morning aware of the sounds of words, but finds they grow roots, get tangled, or stick in his throat. Some days are worse than others. He struggles to articulate when he finds all the classmates turning and looking at him.

The boy's dad picks him up from school and says, "It's just a bad speech day." His father takes him "somewhere quiet." They go to a river, where they walk along the shore looking for colourful rocks and bugs. He thinks about "all those mouths giggling and laughing." His dad points at the churning water, and says, "See how that water moves? That's how you speak." He looks at the water, "bubbling, whirling, churning and crashing." Then he realises, "Even the river stutters. Like I do."

In an afternote, the author says that when his father, in real life, pointed to the river, "he connected my stuttering to the movements of the natural world and I delighted in watching my mouth move outside of itself."

This is a stunningly beautiful book, rich with metaphorical language. The story is moving, and brought to life by the captivating watercolour illustrations. The illustrator, Sydney Smith, expresses a feeling of disconnect and disorientation with the world, and words - initially - but at the river - there is profound peace and an awakening. Take time to read this slowly, pouring over the pictures and words. 

Book review by Kate, Librarian

Wednesday, 3 March 2021

World Book Day

Kia Ora,

It is World Book Day today! 

Zoom read-aloud sessions with me

I read three stories from Hairy Maclary and Friends this morning on Zoom. It was lovely to see so many Woodlands Park School children on my screen, as well as a few parents. I read three stories, and have two more in the book to read. If you would like to join me tomorrow - I will be reading at 11.15am. I have sent the links to your teachers.

Parents and whanau, look at these wonderful World Book Day resources! 

Check out the author/illustrator academy activities:

And there are some free audiobooks under - School/nurseries - Free audiobooks.

I have added it to the wakelet - just a reminder that there are heaps of resources on there too:

Or, just cuddle up with your tamariki or mokopuna and read them a story.